Aleš Polák
December 10, 2019


I am working with Petr already for more than 3 years. After these years I can simply but mainly say: “I am feeling better and happier”. Not an easy thing to reach during the assignments to a leader positions during recent years. These positions can be very lonely, hard to find somebody who has the ability “to kick you forward”. You need a straight, precise and emphatic “scorer”. Petr has all of these skills, with his range of knowledge and life mindset he is the best “scorer” for me. How to work with stress, how to better get along with my colleagues / partners, how to focus on the right level of detail, how to understand me, my emotions and my body. Generally how to widen the wisdom that is helping me at work and in my private life, these are the main topics discussed. When I think about it Petr reborn my passion for learning! I am enjoying the discussions as each time they are moving me forward. Not without my personal contribution, but that is the beauty of learning:-). Thank you Petr!